A leap in scale in the conception of public space

A leap in scale in the conception of public space

Leadership is required in order to discover future areas for urban transformation, to reserve the land and begin designing public space. This is crucial in order to define the quality of a new area in a city.

The hope of building a better city must be kept very much alive; the greatest challenge facing us with regard to the future of public space is how ambitious we are. Ambition in the sense of creating a vision of the city that may not be obvious at first glance and will therefore inevitably generate controversy. I believe that Barcelona suffers from endemic and multi-layered problems, which do not even figure on the agendas of the city’s political groups. We must be ambitious collectively and this alone is a challenge because we tend to be extremely conservative when it comes to urban issues and end up only reaching a consensus when we mobilize against a project to vote “No”.


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María Sisternas
CEO of MediaUrban


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