For you, what does the term Mediterranean city actually mean?

For you, what does the term Mediterranean city actually mean?

The Mediterranean in crisis

We are aware of the virtues of the Mediterranean city, we know by heart the benefits regarding density, compactness and mixed uses, we go on and on about the need to blend and mix all the city’s social levels, to have good public services and transportation… However, the cities which proliferate today on the Mediterranean are not being developed along these lines. Where is the shortcoming between theory and practise?

Nowadays, everything surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, “al-bahr al-abyiad al-muttauasit” or “the central white sea” as it was referred to by the Arabs, is concentration and density: high-pressure human settlement, concentration of ports and infrastructures, construction and tourism, economic activity, holiday homes…But this has not always been the case. Some centuries ago, the Mediterranean meant balance: with very active intermediate cities, interport trade, coastal forests which kept erosion in check and fertile lands for agriculture.


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María Sisternas
CEO of MediaUrban


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