Plaza de las Glòries

Construction work to transform the entire Glories area will be one of the most important municipal initiatives undertaken in the upcoming years. The features, especially the size and uses of the space, together with the conversion of the road junction into public space, ensures that the transformation process takes on a complex nature and as such, has been very carefully planned and distributed into different phases in an effort to minimize the inconvenience to people using the area and optimising efforts and resources as well as minimizing its social, economic and environmental impact.

The transformation work includes several phases, each of which is coordinated by a different municipal sector with support from all the operators involved.

In parallel with the technical work, the City Council has undertaken a campaign to inform people about the transformation of this space and any issues which might affect mobility during each of the planned phases in order to allow the public to become more involved in the process and to minimize, as far as possible, any inconvenience as a result of the ongoing work.

Activating public space: “open for construction”

Children’s entertainment, concerts, Futtoc exhibitions, speed-skating courses… The opening day to inaugurate the new Glories is set to keep everybody busy with activities into the evening.