The project of Glories explained in New York

The transformation of the Glòries square is one of Barcelona’s most significant municipal projects in recent years. The scale of the site and its location at the junction of three of the city’s most important thoroughfares make this a complex project. Its development has been divided into different phases to optimize efforts and resources and minimize social, economic, and environmental impacts. Each phase requires efficient coordination between different municipal areas and the support of all implied operators.


Mary Ann Newman: the Farragut Fund, a philanthropic bridge between Catalonia and the United States.


Newman is a translator and promoter of all things cultural, and has been constructing projects between Catalonia and New York for thirty years.

Mary Ann Newman (New York, 1951) is a translator, writer, and promoter of culture. She defends the term “Catalanist” to describe herself, in the dictionary sense (“someone who studies the Catalan language and culture”). She is a member of the board of the North American Catalan Society, which gives her a broad perspective on Catalan studies in the United States. Without Mary Ann Newman, one cannot understand the first Barcelona – New York Chair (1983-1986), initiated by the Barcelona City Government and New York University, or the Catalan Center (2007-2011) tied to the Institut Ramon Llull and New York University. In both the academic and personal spheres, Mary Ann Newman has always been committed to constructing bridges of culture between Barcelona and New York, between Catalonia and the United States.

Her latest initiative is the Farragut Fund for Catalan Culture in the US (Fons Farragut), a non-profit whose goal is to promote culture, cultural interchange, and intercultural projects of the Catalan Countries in the United states, based on the philanthropic traditions of American and Catalan businesses. It’s a project full of good ideas, especially for Catalan culture, and which seeks to maximize the country’s assets. Let’s take a look.


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