Zones versus use

Zones versus use

My regular hairdresser’s is not on the ground floor of some busy city street but instead is on the sixth floor of an apartment block, specifically the private residence of a hairdresser who works from home because she is separated, her daughter is ill and the company where she had worked loyally for over 20 years, couldn’t see fit to adapt her working schedule to allow her to strike a work/life balance. The result is the hairdresser has fitted out one of the rooms in her home with a mirror, a sink for washing hair and a perming machine, and her loyal customers are only too happy with the deal knowing that the price they pay for a haircut goes entirely to the hairdresser and her assistants without any intermediaries taking a cut. The only inconvenience being that because the apartment was never designed with the intention of operating as a hair salon, clients are inevitably forced to walk through the homeowner’s living room to get to the salon and feel uncomfortable violating the private space of mother and daughter, who often leave toys or clothes scattered on their sofa.


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María Sisternas
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